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Meet our wild Muskoka yeast strain!

Howdy Y’all, with the shine still on 2016, we here at Sawdust City decided to bring y’all something else real new and shiny…well new…shiny, not so much.  A beer brewed with our very own native Wild Muskoka yeast strain! That’s right, last April with help from our good pals at...

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Long, Dark Voyage Tour 2015

Howdy Y'all, so another month has passed and much has transpired since our last communication. When last we spoke, we told you that Toftorg Golshop Ruler of the Third Empire of the Uranus was on his way to Earth to pick up some of his farvourite ale, our "Long, Dark...

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Long Distance Phone Calls, Local Otters & Time Travel

Howdy Y'all, since last we spoke much has transpired. Yet nothing quite as immense as the communique I received just last week from the deepest, darkest recesses of Uranus. Our interstellar friend and ally Toftorg Golshop, (Ruler of Third Empire of Uranus), reached out to us here at the Sawdust...

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Saisons Greetings From The Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Howdy Y'all, Season's Greetings to all y'all Citzens's out there! From everyone here at The Sawdust City Brewing Co., we wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  2014 was just such a gosh darn exciting year, with tons of big ol' changes here at Sawdust City (ie...we FINALLY OPENED!)...

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Greetings From Sawdust City

Howdy Y'all, so shoot, it's been quite some time since I last done posted anything on this here blog. But rest assured good folks, we're gonna start postin' again on the regular, we just done got caught up in some other opening a brewery!That's right y'all, I'm sure it...

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