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"Little Norway Pale Lager" Becomes "Little Norway Pilsner"

A long-time local favourite, Little Norway is a North American lager that is brewed to commemorate Gravenhurst’s 80-year-old partnership with Norway. The look and style are getting an update as beer drinkers become savvier to the subtleties in lager profiles, but the clean, crisp flavour you know and love isn’t going far. 

Sam Corbeil, Brewmaster explains,

“Seven years ago, Little Norway Pale Lager began as a collab with a small Norwegian brewery. It was intended to be a celebration of our two countries’ shared heritage. It was brewed as a light approachable lager, something any new craft beer drinker could enjoy. But over time we’ve changed and we’ve evolved, and not just us at Sawdust City; but also you, our loyal customers. So in order to embrace our shared evolution, we are pushing Little Norway in an exciting new direction. It will still be the crisp, enjoyable lager you’ve come to love, but with a more pronounced hop character, enough so to earn it the title of Pilsner. We’ve also slightly increased the ABV to keep the beer balanced and drinkable. A gentle floral, spicy aroma welcomes you, while a crisp, snappy bitterness entices you to take another sip. We hope you enjoy this elegant new twist to our local fan favourite. We know you’ve earned it!”.