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Howdy Y'all, it's only been one little ol'month since I done talked to y'all, but shoot if a lot of goin's on ain't transpired since then.
Firstly and most importantly, the dust FINALLY done start to fly! It's still 2013, so we done just got in under the wire, but yep, there most certainly be dust in the air and construction has finally begun at the Sawdust City Brewing Co.! Big ol'saws have started to chew away at the cee-ment and the holes for our trenches have been cut.
Here take a look at some of the photos from the first work done on our soon to be brew house  floor -

Now before we can start bringing in our brew house and the rest of all our equipment, we gotta get our floors ready. So the first thing we gotta done get done is cutting our trenches, which now look a little like this -

We've removed them big dominoe lookin' blocks and the holes for our trenches are all cut now. So the next steps are to pour the concrete into them there rough cut holes to properly form a workin' trench. They will also be constrcutin' a curb around our brew house area so as that we can keep the mess in an easily workable area.  That should be happening in the next week or so, so once I done got some more photo's I'll be postin' them on this here blog or our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Now I know, I know this has done taken a lot longer than we originally promised, that's true. But if there's anything I done learned over the past two years, it's that anything worth doin' worth doin' well. And sometimes that done take patience.  Some y'all might be sayin' to yo self, "shoot, I know that guy, and dagnammit, he ain't no patient sunofagun!". This is also true. So believe me, this has been a tough stretch fer me and my poor nerves. But heck if I ain't excited now! And I'm also just tickled pink that all y'all have been just as patient and have stuck around to see Sawdust City grow from a "crazy pipe dream of an idea" to a full fledged "work in progress". And shoot, soon that "work in progress" will be an actual brewery! So stick around folks, cause we movin' into the home stretch.

Other than this here visible work, the plumbers have also been in workin' on the pipin' in the basement and in our washrooms...that ain't so sexy as they say, so ain't gonna post any pics of that. But rest assured that "work in progress" is progressin'.

Shoot, the Holiday's be right around the corner and it might be gettin' cold outside but dang if things ain't be heatin' up in Sawdust City. Cause not only is the dust finally startin' to fly, but we got our next seasonal hittin' the bars startin' next week too, Kolsch'45!

Back in September we tucked away some of our delicious Gateway Kolsch into a few wine barrels we just done had lyin' around.  Aged in them wine barrels for over 3 months, we finished off this ale by minglin' it with locally grown cranberries from our friends at Johnston's Family Marsh in Bala, ON, for 45 fun filled days. We stuffed 10lbs of cranberries into each barrel and just let the two of them get to know each other. The result is our Kolsch '45.

Light and tart, this holiday treat comes in at a very drinkable 5% ABV and has a nice oaky, barrel character to go along with snappy dry finish. Our man Spinney spent all day yesterday pullin' it out of the barrels and gettin' it all carbbed and gussied up and ready to hit them streets.

This pink hued, holiday treat will be a great foil to a lot of them big, boozy, dark beers that are out and about at this time of year.  Now don't get me wrong, we love our big, boozy, dark beers just as much as the next guy. We're just sayin', before you get into them heavier ales, we recommend easin' into your next session with a few glasses of Kolsch'45. Look for it soon at a local, kick ass beer bar near you. It's a limited release, so get it before it's gone!

If that ain't enough, we've also been busy workin' with Monty, the winner of this years Mighty Mustache Competition, gettin' his very own beer ready for our next delivery to Amazing Clubs Canada.

If y'all recall, back in September as part of Toronto Beer Week, we held our 2nd annual Mighty Mustache Competition at The Only Cafe in Toronto. Monty took top prize this year, not only walkin' home with the coveted Golden Cant Hook, but he also got the opportunity to design, brew and have his visage emblazoned on his very own brew. And last week Monty came by the brewery and brewed his "Fuzzled Muzzy" with Spinney.  An Irish Red Belgian Ale...(or something like that), "Fuzzled Muzzy" is as rich, red and full bodied as his outstanding mustache. It will be one of two brews that we'll be sending out to Amazing Clubs as part of their "Beer of the Month Club" at the end of January.  The other beer we will be sending will be brewed just after the Holidays, and it's gonna be a bad mamma jamma...stay tuned for more details on that one!

Now if you y'all don't happen to be a member of the Beer of the Month club, don't y'all worry yer pretty little heads aboot it cause they gonna be plenty of both them beers sent out to beer bars across Ontario. So look for them to hit the taps early February.

Yer just aboot caught up with everthin' goin' on at Sawdust City now, so from all of us here, we'd like to wish all y'all Happy Holidays!  We're gonna be pretty busy over the next few weeks so I might not be able to post anything here til the New Year. So if you don't hear from us, have a safe and Happy Holiday. It's a magical time of year, so be sure to share some of that there magic with all your family and friends.

Anyhoo, that just aboot does it for now. So until next time, keep the beer in your mugs and sawdust beneath your feet!